Policy and Recommendations

Policy Report: Future of Urban Mobility

Over the last eight months, UMP has embarked on a series of roundtables to hear from different stakeholders throughout the UK about the various challenges they face in their urban centres. By bringing together some of the most important figures in transport, environment and infrastructure in seven major UK cities, we have specifically focused our attention on the key decisions makers in efforts to tackle air quality and congestion. UMP is committed to help develop mobility solutions which help these towns and cities transform how consumers travel. Read our recommendations below.

Consumers in the driving seat: tackling air quality across Greater Manchester

We live in an age of dramatic technological change. What was regarded as “cutting edge” just a few years ago can quickly become part of the accepted landscape. This policy paper sets out a radical approach that will not only improve the environment, congestion and air quality, but also empower citizens to be able to choose the clean, safe, and efficient modes of transport that
suit their needs and the needs of their city.

Targeting Greyfleet

The term grey fleet describes any vehicles that do not belong to a company, but which are used for business travel. This might include a vehicle purchased via an employee ownership scheme or a vehicle privately owned by an employee. UMP has conducted a number of freedom of information requests which have illuminated that significant sums of money are being spent on greyfleet by local authorities. This report will be published shortly. 

Mobility Credits

Despite the national resurgence of debates around climate change and air quality, it remains the case that many consumers in the UK consider this to be an academic debate that is separate to their transport decisions. Read how mobility credits could offer a solution that eases congestion, reduces private vehicle use and supports consumers.

Planning for Mobility

The planning process has huge implications for transport. Read our recommendations on how planning policy can focus on the residents and workers who will live and work in new developments and how these consumers can access multi-modal transport options.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

As the UK comes out of the Covid-19 pandemic, our transport systems face unprecedented challenges. At the core of addressing these challenges, will be the development of digital mobility solutions such as MaaS. 

UMP's policy paper on MaaS is coming soon.