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 The Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP) is a coalition committed to providing long-term leadership and near-term solutions to improve future urban mobility. Our innovative partnership represents the breadth of the urban mobility landscape. We were founded to ensure that effective policy at a national, regional and local level, combined with new technology, supports better mobility and helps tackle the major challenges of congestion, air quality and climate change. 


A UK with integrated, multi-modal national transport policy that places the needs of the consumer at its heart by reducing congestion and improving air quality.


To represent all of the key transport modes including bus, rail, coach, tram, car and bike in the debate around the future of urban mobility.


To provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of new policy ideas around urban mobility, including embracing the role of smart technology in the provision of mobility services that will improve air quality and consumer’s lives

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Consumers in the driving seat

We live in an age of dramatic technological change. What was regarded as “cutting edge” just a few years ago can quickly become part of the accepted landscape. The Department for Transport still operates, for understandable reasons, with distinctive road and rail divisions. But it is time to change our mindset and develop transport policy solutions that place the consumer at their heart. And we know that consumers are changing. Our demand for convenient, tailored services has never been greater. Consumers want convenience and flexibility and it is the challenge for policy makers to develop solutions that meet these increased demands.

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Policy Report

The Future of Urban Mobility: UMP recommendations

Over the last eight months, UMP has embarked on a series of roundtables to hear from different stakeholders throughout the UK about the various challenges they face in their urban centres. By bringing together some of the most important figures in transport, environment and infrastructure in seven major UK cities, we have specifically focused our attention on the key decisions makers in efforts to tackle air quality and congestion. UMP is committed to help develop mobility solutions which help these towns and cities transform how consumers travel. Read our recommendations below.